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Custom Ring Design  for Engagement and Wedding Rings - Platinum, White Gold Wedding and Engagement Custom Rings Designs.

If you're looking at a Custom Ring Design for Engagement and Wedding Rings - one of the first things you should think about is the metal. Should you go with Platinum or White Gold for your Wedding and Engagement Custom Rings Designs?

Platinum is a Rare Precious Metal - Typically, a platinum ring will cost twice to three times as much as the same ring in white gold.  Knowing the difference between white gold and platinum will help you decide whether the higher cost of a platinum ring is worth it to you.

Why Not White Gold ?

Some would ask if white gold is the same as platinum and the answer is quite simply, no. Each of these metals have their own properties, which is an obvious reason for what makes them different. However, the largest difference to someone who is shopping for an engagement ring is that the white gold is a mix of white gold and other metals such a palladium.

After the ring is formed, it must be coated with another metal called Rhodium, which is a white chemical coating. This coating must be reapplied every year to year and one-half in order to keep the band looking white. White gold without the coating is quite gray in color, not really white at all. Without regular polishing and recoating, your white gold ring will take on a yellowish tinge.

Platinum is 95% Pure

Normally, platinum is used for jewelry in a 95% pure form. Platinum is naturally white and doesn’t need to be coated over with another metal. Another reason platinum costs more is that it’s sturdier. Platinum is heavier and harder than gold. A platinum ring is less vulnerable to scratches and can be re-polished to its original condition. This natural strength also means that jewels set in platinum are more secure.

Platinum Stands Up to Time

Platinum jewelry lasts much longer than gold jewelry. Experts say that platinum has a lifespan three times as long as that of gold. Additionally, platinum is rarer than gold, which also drives up the cost. Sensitive skin and/or tendency towards allergic reactions also lead some people to buy platinum rings. Many people are sensitive to nickel, and nickel is commonly used to whiten gold. The purity of platinum decreases the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Finally, it’s not accurate to claim that white gold and platinum look the same. Platinum actually has a very slight grayish-tinge to its white, a color that is very flattering to diamonds. Diamonds appear brighter when placed next platinum.  Therefore, platinum is the most flattering metal for diamonds; and you end up paying more not only for its superior appearance but its strength, as well.

The Beauty Within the Platinum Engagement Ring

When buying a platinum wedding ring or engagement ring, it is extremely important to keep in mind the lifestyle of the bride-to-be; the metals of the engagement ring are very important to the lifespan of the ring. For many women, a platinum engagement ring is the perfect choice. Platinum is a white metal that is very dense and very strong.

Generally, platinum is used in an almost pure form. It will not tarnish or lose its color due to its purity. Platinum is ideal for someone with skin allergies as it is hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritations. Other metals are not used in their pure form, as platinum is, and cannot make these types of promises because of that fact.

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So Why Chose the Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum, on the other hand, is quite white in color and since used in a pure form, the color remains true for the life of the ring. While, the platinum engagement ring will be much more expensive than it’s competitors for many reasons, these reasons should not deter you from making the purchase. It is true that platinum is very rare, more rare than gold, which will often force the price of the setting to be double the cost of a similar setting made of white gold but the rarity of the metal only increases the value of the ring. In addition, because it is used in a pure form (generally 95% pure), it is extremely durable.

With This Ring

Today, platinum engagement rings are very popular because of their durability but also because of their bright true appearance. The platinum engagement ring is known for it’s breathtaking shine, which reflects the brilliance and sparkle of the gemstones placed upon it. Platinum is also very long wearing so the lifespan of the platinum engagement ring is one that could span many generations.

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